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Indian activists mark the second anniversary of the fatal gang-rape of a student in Delhi on December 16, 2014. India minister vows rape film probe

India's home minister promises an inquiry into how a TV crew was allowed to interview a death-row prisoner convicted over the Delhi 2012 gang rape and murder.


Cats crowd the harbour on Aoshima Island

A visit to Japan's 'Cat Island'

Tourists from around Japan have been flocking to a tiny fishing community where 22 residents are greatly outnumbered by a huge population of cats.


Can you top this photo?

Can you top this photo?

Can you top this photo of a weasel riding a woodpecker?


Is your voice holding you back?

Is your voice holding you back?

Change how you speak, change your life? Some women say yes


This is the Mercedes to own

This is the Mercedes to own

New sedan is the best of a cutthroat breed


Enter the dragons!

Enter the dragons!

Kazuo Ishiguro’s first novel in 10 years


The chilling truth about MH370?

The chilling truth about MH370?

Plus the rest of the week’s best reads


Show us your favourite hideaways

Show us your favourite hideaways

Where do you go to truely get away?

BBC America


Mother and child

The man who changed parenting

In 1946, a ground-breaking book encouraging parents to have a more relaxed approach to their children became a worldwide hit. But how did it change the way people thought about childcare?

life of luxury

Million dollar motor

The million-dollar SUV

What do you buy when an ordinary luxury car is just not good enough? Try the Dartz Prombon, an armour-plated monster that comes with a breathtaking list of options.

in depth

Near death experience

What is it really like to die?

Seeing a tunnel with a light at the end may be a common perception of death, but many other strange types of experiences have been reported. Rachel Nuwer finds out more.




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