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Vigil in New York NYC police chief backs mayor

New York City's police chief backs Mayor Bill de Blasio after claims he had increased ill-feeling towards police prior to two officers being shot dead.


Sami Hyypia

Brighton manager Hyypia resigns

Sami Hyypia leaves his role as manager of Championship strugglers Brighton & Hove Albion after a run of one win in 18 league games.


Christmas crackers

The history of Christmas crackers

Christmas crackers are bound to be a feature of Yuletide celebrations this Thursday, but did you know that they actually date back more than 150 years?


Wild gorilla has 'eureka' moment

Wild gorilla has 'eureka' moment

For the first time, a wild gorilla is seen using a tool to eat food


Surprising way to get a job?

Surprising way to get a job?

This easy — even enjoyable — step can lead to a new beginning


Most famous cars of TV and film

Most famous cars of TV and film

Quora users name the fast, furious and plain funny


The 10 greatest Christmas movies

The 10 greatest Christmas movies

It’s a Wonderful Life is not among them


Why do we fart more on planes?

Why do we fart more on planes?

And can airlines ease our discomfort?


The Cold War's secret, Swedish isle

The Cold War's secret, Swedish isle

An entire world lies beneath the Earth

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Money: The good, the bad and the even better

Is there a downside to being rich? How about an upside to being in debt? Answers to those, plus, high-paying jobs that will surprise you.

Best of earth


Why does anything exist at all?

Religion and philosophy have wrestled with the question for thousands of years, but science has had little to say on the subject - until now. Could the cosmos have sprung out of nothing?




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