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David Cameron arriving in Brussels on Friday

UK anger at £1.7bn EU cash demand

UK politicians react angrily to demands for an extra £1.7bn (2.1bn euros) contribution towards the European Union's budget due to the country's better economic performance.


Ebola patient

Ebola: Scenes from the epicentre

Liberia has been hit the hardest by the Ebola outbreak, with around 50 new cases a day in its capital Monrovia. Gabriel Gatehouse reports on the risks frontline workers are facing.


Bees may give medicine to the ill

Bees may give medicine to the ill

Each hive has "nurses" that may give antibiotic-laced honey to sick workers


How to deal with toxic people

How to deal with toxic people

Stealth strategies for handling poisonous colleagues and office bullies


P1 GTR, from the driver’s seat

P1 GTR, from the driver’s seat

Have a look inside McLaren's 986-horsepower hybrid hypercar


TV’s dirty little secret

TV’s dirty little secret

Can piracy be a good thing?


The world’s fastest wheels

The world’s fastest wheels

How to travel quicker than a bullet


A temple where selfies are verboten

A temple where selfies are verboten

Where monkeys play amid 1,500-year-old palaces

BBC America


Dutch floating houses

The next wave in waterfront living

The Dutch have mastered the art of keeping water out. Now they're learning to live with it - and on it, in these unusual floating homes.

Technology of business

Burning structure

Silicon Valley's billion-dollar failures

A darker side of the tech dream may now be emerging: some start-ups are burning through cash at the same rate as a small African nation. But will these high-risk bids pay off?

world-changing ideas


What is tech doing to our brains?

Poor concentration, flagging memory, falling grades - technology has been blamed for a myriad of woes. But is there any definitive proof computers hurt our intelligence?




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