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A Royal Canadian Mounted Police Soldier killed in Canada shootings

A huge security operation is under way in Canada's capital Ottawa after a gunman killed a soldier at a war memorial and shots were fired in the parliament building.


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US airbag recall expands to 7.8m cars

US car safety regulators expand a recall of vehicles with potentially dangerous Takata airbags to 7.8 million, warning that owners should take 'immediate action'.



The secret origin of flowers

The secret origin of flowers

Darwin was baffled by the evolution of flowers. Now genetics could explain it


Want success here? Don’t brag

Want success here? Don’t brag

Mind your manners and your wallet in this European city


The bantamweight battery car

The bantamweight battery car

Student-built project could show way forward for EVs


The plane that changed air travel

The plane that changed air travel

How Boeing 707 revolutionised flight


Are we getting smarter?

Are we getting smarter?

How technology is changing the way we learn


The secret side of southern Spain

The secret side of southern Spain

Escape among olive groves and Berber houses

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world-changing ideas

Alien life

What might alien life look like?

If we ever make contact with life beyond Earth it will likely be intelligent, says evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. But that may be the only thing aliens have in common with humans.

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Mark Zuckerberg

Could you be the perfect entrepreneur?

While the popular image of a start-up founder is a Mark Zuckerberg-style twenty-something - new research has revealed that a typical business founder is actually quite different.

Knowledge economy

Student debt

What student debt is really worth

Activist group Rolling Jubilee is on a quest to liberate debtors from crippling US student loans - and it's buying them back at a fraction of the original price.




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