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Michael Brown Sr at a press conference in Dellwood, Missouri, 25 November 2014 Family 'crushed' by Ferguson ruling

The family of Michael Brown, the black teenager shot dead by a policeman, say they are "crushed" by the decision not to charge Darren Wilson.


These monkeys kill male infants

These monkeys kill male infants

Male spider monkeys kill male babies to avoid competition


Don’t call them 'Hawaiian' shirts

Don’t call them 'Hawaiian' shirts

What business travellers to this sunny isle should know about the local lingo


The $1,699 Big Wheel

The $1,699 Big Wheel

How ‘drift trikes’ came to command top money


The airship that ruled the skies

The airship that ruled the skies

What was it like to travel in a Zeppelin?


Surprising power of emoticons :-o

Surprising power of emoticons :-o

Hidden ways they sway our behaviour


Footage of a death-defying ride

Footage of a death-defying ride

A stunt rider takes on notorious mountain peaks

BBC America

90 second financial fix

Woman shopping / 90 Second Fin Fix

Secrets to smart holiday spending

The festive season offers plenty of chances to score bargains - but how do you ensure you're buying the best possible deal? BBC Capital's Kelsey Hubbard found out.

the genius behind...

Hidden depths

Could a 'dream machine' reach the ocean floor?

Meet the scientist who wants to build the ultimate submersible - one that can bring us face-to-face with the strange creatures that live at the deepest depths.

state of the art

The Holy Virgin Mary by Chris Ofili

Can art still shock us?

A new exhibition by British artist Chris Ofili has been greeted with rapturous praise - but just 15 years ago, his work was called 'sick' and 'blasphemous'. What's changed?




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