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Seoul, South Korea

South Korea cuts growth forecasts

Asia's fourth largest economy, South Korea, cuts its growth forecast for this year and next as consumer and business sentiment weakens.


Wild gorilla has 'eureka' moment

Wild gorilla has 'eureka' moment

For the first time, a wild gorilla is seen using a tool to eat food


Gap year for grown-ups?

Gap year for grown-ups?

More super successful professionals are taking time off, with surprising results


Most famous cars of TV and film

Most famous cars of TV and film

Quora users name the fast, furious and plain funny


Why North Korea fears this film

Why North Korea fears this film

How The Interview struck a nerve


Why do we fart more on planes?

Why do we fart more on planes?

And can airlines ease our discomfort?


A paradise protected by butterflies

A paradise protected by butterflies

It’s hard to imagine a place like this exists

BBC America

Best of earth


Why does anything exist at all?

Religion and philosophy have wrestled with the question for thousands of years, but science has had little to say on the subject - until now. Could the cosmos have sprung out of nothing?

Head Squeeze

Pubic Hair

Why do we have pubic hair?

What makes hair grow where - and when - it does? And what does science say about the pros and cons of removal? Greg Foot explains.




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