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The deck of the ship searching for the plane

The ships hunting for MH370

The tenacious search for flight MH370, which disappeared almost a year ago, centres around a remote area of the Indian ocean. Australian PM Tony Abbott has suggested the scale of the operation may be reduced.


Extraordinary animal encounters

Extraordinary animal encounters

Weird and wonderful animal encounters captured by you


Why you won’t 'like' Gen Z

Why you won’t 'like' Gen Z

When the Snapchat generation gets to work, this is what to expect


The farm tool of the future?

The farm tool of the future?

Electric ATV could revolutionise agricultural work


How to swear around the world

How to swear around the world

Different cultures and profanity


What it’s really like to die

What it’s really like to die

The seven experiences you face at the end


Our favourite images of the week

Our favourite images of the week

Stunning photos from past weeks

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in depth


The miracle cancer cases inspiring doctors

A few patients have made rare and unexpected recoveries leaving doctors scratching their heads, says David Robson. Can these cases provide vital clues for tackling cancer?

rare earth


How to save a giant crocodile

The crocodilians lurked and waddled their way through the cataclysm that killed off most of Earth's large reptiles. But will they survive the changes humans are wreaking on the planet?

technology of business

Piggy banks

Do we still need banks?

With banks in low repute since the credit crunch, the field is ripe for new entrants. Will the emergence of internet-only banks and financial start-ups lead to their demise?




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