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French rescue worker inspects debris near Seyne-les-Alpes Alps co-pilot 'had suicide treatment'

Co-pilot of crashed Germanwings jet, Andreas Lubitz, had treatment for suicidal tendencies years ago, investigators say, but not recently.


Obama stumbles

Obama's Air Force One stumble

President Obama had a near miss as he slightly stumbled while stepping out of Air Force One. He was returning home to Washington DC from a golfing trip in Florida.


A group fo cuddly sifakas kill a snake that attacked them

Primates fight off huge snake

When a 2.7m snake attacked one of their number, a group of sifakas banded together to drive it off and wound up killing it


Racked by job insecurity? Do this

The secrets to staying employed

Could Gen Y’s lack of focus be the key to staying employed?


New sedan leads a surprising sales charge

Maserati on the mountaintop?

This mid-size Italian luxury sedan is making the case for a sustained Italian presence in North America.


Sci-fi, thriller and documentary

Nine films to watch in April

BBC Culture picks nine films coming out next month, including Ex Machina, the Avengers sequel and Russell Crowe’s directorial debut.


Extreme depths reached without machines

The deepest holes dug by hand

To excavate mines and tunnels, we use drills and expensive machines. So how did our ancestors manage to dig hundreds of metres into the Earth?


It’s about time the rest of the world followed suit

The nicest people in the world?

Life is hard enough, with plenty of jagged edges and pointy bits. Why not coat it with a glaze of politeness and humility?

Living in


Chile's green and affordable city

An ever-growing number of expats are flocking to Santiago for its inviting beaches and green spaces and making the city their home.



'How a bee sting saved my life'

Ellie Lobel was suffering from a debilitating chronic illness when she was attacked by a swarm of bees. Now healthy, is she proof that insect venom could help save lives?

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couple apathy with tech/thinkstock

Unfriending your spouse

Research indicates social media may be responsible for the breakup of millions of marriages. Is Facebook really to blame or just an easy scapegoat?




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