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Thomas Winkelmann, chief executive, Germanwings (left) and Carsten Spohr, chief executive, Lufthansa (right)

Lufthansa: 'We are very, very sorry'

The CEOs of Germanwings and Lufthansa have said they are sorry for what has happened after visiting Seyne-les-Alpes, the town nearest the site of the crashed Germanwings plane.


Landforms sculpted by volcanic eruptions

14 stunning volcano creations

The remarkable and beautiful forms sculpted by volcanic eruptions


Boomers and millennials listen up: you can play nice at work.

When the generations collide

Boomers and millennials listen up: you can play nice in the office. Here’s what you need to know about each other.


BMW joins world’s fastest police fleet

Dubai’s swift justice

The world’s fastest police fleet gets fleeter, truck trash makes money and headlamps get illumination – all among the month’s top tech stories.


The story of a sexy style staple

Jean genie: The denim evolution

From rugged workwear to fashion staple, denim jeans have gone from strength to strength. Katya Foreman gets the skinny on the ubiquitous trousers.


The graveyards of underwater behemoths

Where nuclear subs go to die

When nuclear-powered submarines reach the end of their lives, dismantling them is a complicated and laborious process. Paul Marks investigates.


A low-altitude hike in Nepal offers stunning vistas – and gin and tonics

Himalayan views, without the danger

Does a low-altitude Himalayan hike that includes gin and tonics and nights in comfortable lodges offer the same rewards as a more challenging journey?

in focus


The world's best hideaways

From gorgeous shots of soaring heights to simple sunsets and shifting sand dunes - here is where BBC Travel's readers go to escape the bustle of daily life.

life of luxury


Who needs labels?

'Designer' goods often come with eye-watering price tags. But can luxurious items without a big brand name still command big prices?

Space station

Death ray

Nasa's mission to monitor a cosmic killer

How has this space mission, which tracks violent explosions around the Universe, changed our view of the cosmos?




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