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Yahoo logo on sign at headquarters

Yahoo profits surge on Alibaba sale

Technology giant Yahoo reports profits of $6.8bn for the third-quarter, buoyed mostly by earnings from the firm's stake in Chinese firm Alibaba.


Manchester City's Vincent Kompany talks to a referee in Moscow

Kompany angered by away fans ban

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany says it was unfair to exclude away fans after a 2-2 Champions League draw at CSKA Moscow.


How to build an emergency fund

Unplanned repairs, health problems or a job loss can all drain your savings account in short order. BBC Capital's Kelsey Hubbard found simple ways to plan for a rainy day - without hurting in the short-term.


Spectacular new desert time-lapse

Spectacular new desert time-lapse

The Arizona desert and sky filmed in mesmerising and spectacular time-lapse


The downside of being an expat

The downside of being an expat

A long China stint bolsters a CV, but don’t be forgotten at the home office


Driving the world’s smallest car

Driving the world’s smallest car

Top Gear takes an island lap to remember


The plane that changed air travel

The plane that changed air travel

How Boeing 707 revolutionised flight


Dawkins: What are aliens like?

Dawkins: What are aliens like?

The biologist on strange life beyond Earth


Where Islam thrives in Beijing

Where Islam thrives in Beijing

A perfectly blended Arabian version of China

BBC America

Knowledge economy

Student debt

What student debt is really worth

Activist group Rolling Jubilee is on a quest to liberate debtors from crippling US student loans - and it's buying them back at a fraction of the original price.

world-changing ideas

Future eye

Life in the next 1,000 years

What might aliens look like? Will we ever be able to go for a spin in a flying car? BBC Future grapples with the big questions - and asks the experts to do the same.

Technology of business

Man with a mobile phone

'Getting online has changed my life'

The internet is helping to revolutionise the lives of millions of people in India, but there are still more than a billion people who remain offline. Could Mark Zuckerberg have the answer?




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