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A poster for The Interview in Venice, California, 19 December US mulls putting NK on terror list

The US is considering putting North Korea back on its terrorism sponsors list, President Barack Obama says, after a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures.


Lada car driving down street in Moscow

Companies face 'bloodbath' in Russia

The chief executive of Renault Nissan says manufacturers in Russia are facing a "bloodbath" because of the plunge in the value of the rouble.


Truffles contain 'bliss' molecule

Truffles contain 'bliss' molecule

Black truffles make an active ingredient similar to that in cannabis


Money: The good, bad and better

Money: The good, bad and better

The downside to being rich, an upside to debt and jobs with surprising salaries


Ducati’s retro thrill machine

Ducati’s retro thrill machine

Part vintage, part contemporary, this is 2014’s most fascinating bike


The 10 best films of the year

The 10 best films of the year

The best in cinematic art from 2014


Will religion ever disappear?

Will religion ever disappear?

How belief will change in the future


A paradise protected by butterflies

A paradise protected by butterflies

It’s hard to imagine a place like this exists

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Head Squeeze

Pubic Hair

Why do we have pubic hair?

What makes hair grow where - and when - it does? And what does science say about the pros and cons of removal? Greg Foot explains.

strange and beautiful

Christmas trees

Five things you didn't know about Christmas trees

Each Christmas, families gather around evergreens to celebrate the season. But many may not realise just how incredible these trees can be. BBC Earth reveal some of the secrets of their tough, tenacious lives.

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An ingenious fix for broken bones

In poorer countries, surgeons often use manual drills for operations - but an ingenious cover now means a common household drill could be used to perform life-saving surgeries




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