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Lewis Hamilton in practice one at Abu Dhabi

Hamilton sets pace at title decider

Lewis Hamilton is fastest ahead of Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg in first practice at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


Bio-Bus on the road

UK's first 'poo bus' starts running

The 40-seat Bio-Bus, which is powered by human and food waste, has taken to the road. Nicknamed 'the number two', the eco-friendly vehicle will transport people between Bath and Bristol Airport.


The 9 rarest plants in the world

The 9 rarest plants in the world

These strange and amazing plants are all critically endangered


Work rules that drive us crazy

Work rules that drive us crazy

Had enough? Ridiculous policies that make you want to quit


Playthings for plutocrats

Playthings for plutocrats

Maybach, Porsche and Bentley go ultra-luxury in Los Angeles


Is Band Aid 30 in poor taste?

Is Band Aid 30 in poor taste?

Troubled history of the charity single


How to create a brain implant

How to create a brain implant

…and how can it treat blindness?


Five surreal places to live

Five surreal places to live

Striking towns that have been shaped by nature

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Paralysis patient

A new hope for paralysis patients

Researchers are developing a computer that can reconnect the brain to the body - sending the brain's electric messages directly to muscles and prompting them to move once more.

technology of business


Could you fund the next Google?

Investing once seemed like the preserve of a wealthy elite - but technology has blown the doors wide open, giving everyone a chance to get in on the action for as little as £10.

Unexpected Ireland

Goat king

An Irish town ruled by a goat

On the first day of the Puck Fair Festival, locals capture a mountain goat and bring it back to town to be crowned king. What are the origins of this odd tradition? BBC Travel found out.




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