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The Upper East Side of Manhattan (Getty) US admits snow forecast errors

The US National Weather Service says its forecasting is "subject to error", after predictions of a historic blizzard for New York City fell flat.


Shot of Auschwitz from hexacopter

Aerial video of Auschwitz-Birkenau

Drone video shows the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp as it is today - 70 years after it was liberated by Soviet troops.


Monster leech swallows giant worm

Monster leech swallows giant worm

A giant red leech hunts down a 70cm long blue worm


Expat in paradise

Expat in paradise

Want to live somewhere exotic with opportunity? Try this crossroads city


The 1970s’ space oddity

The 1970s’ space oddity

Forty years on, quirky RV stays on the move


The people who refuse to grow old

The people who refuse to grow old

Photographs of older rebels around the world


The killer haze choking Asia

The killer haze choking Asia

Is burning peat creating a health crisis?


The lasting benefits of travel

The lasting benefits of travel

Why seeing the world is on most bucket lists

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CEO Guru

Standing out

China's culture of copying

The practice of copying and producing fakes is deeply entrenched in Chinese culture. But as growth slows, companies will need to innovate if they want to succeed at home and abroad.

Leader board


The secret to motivating others

What's the difference between a leadership style that elicits eye rolls, and one that inspires colleagues to be happier and more productive? BBC Capital turned to the experts to find out.

Fictional footsteps


Secret cinema: On the trail of an unexplored film set

Leave the well-trodden path of Hollywood behind and discover a more rugged slice of California, used as a backdrop for some of Hollywood's most famous films.




Heavy Rain Shower

Max Temperature: 11°C 52°F

Min Temperature: 2°C 36°F

Light Rain Shower

Max Temperature: 6°C 43°F

Min Temperature: 2°C 36°F

Light Rain Shower

Max Temperature: 7°C 45°F

Min Temperature: 0°C 32°F

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