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Secret Cinema set in London

Is immersive cinema the future?

Elaborate cinematic screenings that use actors and replicas to enhance the experience are proving popular. But what is the draw?


Spot — and avoid — a bad boss

Spot — and avoid — a bad boss

Look for this before you take a job. Plus, how to train a bad boss to be better


The 217mph electric lab

The 217mph electric lab

Startup Quant builds a battery-free EV


Eerie, abandoned stadiums

Eerie, abandoned stadiums

Can they be given a new social purpose?


Hidden tricks that make you click

Hidden tricks that make you click

How websites are experimenting on you


The sea gypsies’ last stand

The sea gypsies’ last stand

Can the Moken preserve a nomadic way of life?



The secret to getting it all done

Ever feel like you're drowning under an ever-growing to-do list? BBC Capital explains how to tame the beast.

the Next billionaires

Women in Indonesia

Bags, bling and big spenders

From luxury goods to fundraisers - discover how the mega-rich in Indonesia spend it big, as the country's wealth divide grows.


India’s semi-autonomous region of Ladakh

India’s lost land of Ladakh

The region shares Tibet’s Himalayan peaks, Buddhist culture and stunning scenery - yet receives just a fraction of its visitors.




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