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Funeral procession in Singapore Singapore holds Lee Kuan Yew funeral

Singapore holds a state funeral for its founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, with tens of thousands lining the streets despite torrential rain.


Closed Future Shop store in Calgary, Alberta

Best Buy closes Canada's Future Shop

US consumer electronics chain Best Buy is closing its Canadian subsidiary, Future Shop, and converting 65 of its 131 stores into Best Buy outlets.


A group fo cuddly sifakas kill a snake that attacked them

Primates fight off huge snake

When a 2.7m snake attacked one of their number, a group of sifakas banded together to drive it off and wound up killing it


Think the brew at your local pub is pricey? These cans top that up — by a lot

Beer? No, but I’ll take the can

Think the brew at your local pub is pricey? These tinnies top that up — by a lot. Welcome to the world of beer can collecting.


£1.5m and not road-legal. You may want one

Aston Vulcan, up close

It costs £1.5m. It's very much not road-legal. Only 24 will be built. You want one.


Sci-fi, thriller and documentary

Nine films to watch in April

BBC Culture picks nine films coming out next month, including Ex Machina, the Avengers sequel and Russell Crowe’s directorial debut.


Extreme depths reached without machines

The deepest holes dug by hand

To excavate mines and tunnels, we use drills and expensive machines. So how did our ancestors manage to dig hundreds of metres into the Earth?


It’s about time the rest of the world followed suit

The nicest people in the world?

Life is hard enough, with plenty of jagged edges and pointy bits. Why not coat it with a glaze of politeness and humility?

treasures of nepal


A bird's-eye view of Nepal

Follow along as a British paraglider leads visitors on tandem flights, offering an unforgettable view of the scenery - and the raptors he’s trying to save.

art house cinema

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couple apathy with tech/thinkstock

Unfriending your spouse

Research indicates social media may be responsible for the breakup of millions of marriages. Is Facebook really to blame or just an easy scapegoat?




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