Headlines: Twitter in Asia

Do you like to tell the world what you are thinking? According to a survey, people in Asia love to do that. Now, they are the most active people on Twitter. Listen out for these words and try to follow the report below:

  • overtaken
  • popularity, and
  • devices
جهازك لا يدعم تشغيل الفيديو

“Research suggests that Asian users now post thirty-seven per cent of all short messages, or tweets. By country, the United States is still on top -- but second and third places are occupied by Japan and Indonesia, who've overtaken Brazil. The analysts say this crescendo of tweeting in Asia is down to the spread of smartphones. That's especially the case in South Korea, where social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have seen a big rise in popularity since several such devices came onto the market last year. Twitter is now also offering a mobile version of its Japanese-language.”

Here are some examples of how these words can be used:


When parking you should pull over and let other cars overtake.

The internet is expected to overtake newspapers in advertising revenue.


George Clooney’s popularity increased after he won an Oscar. Politicians that lie lose popularity.


The Army searched the area for explosive devices.

Mobile devices for communication are always evolving.