Headlines: Canine Concerts

Image caption Some dogs love music

How much do you love music? Do you think animals like music too? Some people really do think that their pets like music – and today we’ve got a story about music loving dogs today! Listen out for these words:

  • concerts

حفلات موسيقية

  • occasion


  • prefers


And try to follow this report as you hear the programme.

جهازك لا يدعم تشغيل الفيديو

“The Sydney Opera House has played host to some amazing concerts in its time; but nothing quite like this: a high pitched concert created especially for dogs and their owners. They came dressed for the occasion, even those which don’t get out a lot.

Dog Owner 1: ‘He likes jazz actually. Yes, he likes jazz.’

Dog Owner 2: ‘We think this one might be into classical.’

Dog Owner 3: ‘My dog’s German, and she prefers German composers. She loves classical music and primarily German.’”

See below how you can use these words:


I loved Michael Jackson’s concerts!

Please come to the concert with me tonight?


Peter’s birthday was a very happy occasion.

I’m saving my new dress for a special occasion.


Janet prefers to watch TV during the weekend.

Children prefer to eat sweets.