Headlines: China embraces green energy

Image caption China aims to increase its use of clean energy

Are you concerned about the environment? China consumes a lot of energy and now it is investing a lot in alternative sources. Listen out for these words:

  • renewable


  • greenhouse gases

غازات الاحتباس الحراري

  • predictions


And try to follow this report as you hear the programme.

جهازك لا يدعم تشغيل الفيديو

“China opened new wind farms producing as much electricity as 20 large coal power stations last year. It made the country the world's biggest investor in all forms of green energy. The next largest producers of wind power were the United States and Spain. These are among the findings of two UN linked studies chronicling the growing significance of energy from renewable sources that don't add to the stock of greenhouse gases. But the researchers say investment must be increased a lot further if the planet is to avoid scientists' predictionsof dangerous climate change.

See below how you can use these words:


The European Union has set renewable energy targets.

Wind turbines are a source of renewable energy.


Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.

Some experts say that greenhouse gases contribute to climate change.


Fortune tellers claim to be able to make accurate predictions.

There were many gloomy financial predictions but the current credit crisis was not one of them.