Headlines: Smiles at the Indo-Pakistani border

Image caption The ceremony is highly choreographed

Rival countries Pakistan and India hold a daily ceremony to show hostility to each other, but this is going to change. Listen out for these words:

  • flamboyant

مفرط في التزويق

  • tone down

خفف اللهجة

  • replaced


And try to follow this report as you hear the programme.

جهازك لا يدعم تشغيل الفيديو

“The Wagah border ceremony attracts crowds of Indians and Pakistanis every day - they come to sing and dance to patriotic songs, cheer on the guards on their side of the border and jeer those on the other. The soldiers - tall and with flamboyant moustaches - perform a highly choreographed display of foot stamping and high kicking. It ends with the lowering of the flags and the closing of the gate dividing the two countries. Now, with the two governments holding talks once again, Pakistani Rangers say they have agreed to tone it all down. The aggressive looks will be replaced with proper handshakes and a smile.”

See below how you can use these words:


Singer Lady Gaga has flamboyant hats; one of them looks like a telephone.

Some millionaires live a flamboyant lifestyle; they travel first class and wear expensive clothes.


Some language in plays has been toned down for the television version.

Some nationalistic politicians tone down their rhetoric to avoid public unrest.


The factory replaced many of their workers with robots.

Manufacturing has replaced agriculture as the nation’s main source of income.