Justice based on their strict and puritanical interpretation of Islamic Law
جهازك لا يدعم تشغيل الفيديو

Battle For Syria’s courts

Through unique, exclusive and unprecedented access to the Al-Nusra Front, the powerful and influential group affiliated to Al-Qaeda, this film reveals for the first time how the Islamists exercise justice based on their strict and puritanical interpretation of Islamic Law. In parts of Syria where government forces have lost control, rebel forces are taking over and among them the more powerful Islamists have the upper hand. This film shows how they exercise this control in the city of Saraqib, in the north east of Syria. As they continue their battle against Assad’s forces, they are now carrying out another battle to establish their version of justice in Syria. The film-makers get inside the courts and reveal how men accused of wanting to steal a car are put through this new Sharia justice system. We see the Judge at work in the court, and issuing his judgment on the public square. He condemns the accused to a public flogging before a large crowd of people, as a deterrent to others. This type of public flogging has never before been seen before in Syria. It could be a taste of things to come. Abu-Qedama, Al-Qaida’s envoy in Saraqib, is Jordanian. His task is to ensure that Sharia Law is enforced. We see him with armed men from a group of brigades who have taken it upon themselves to police the city, patrolling checkpoints and checking that fresh deliveries of meat in the market are ‘halal’. But not all citizens agree with their views or their tactics. The film shows some taking to the streets in protest. Although united with the Islamists in their opposition to the Assad regime, they have a different vision for Syria’s future. This tension is now symptomatic of tensions within the opposition throughout the country.