BBC Autos

A grassroots look at alternative-fuel transportation: the automobiles, the technologies and the people.

Fun and irreverent conversations with celebrity car aficionados.

College writers on the stories that matter to their generation — and yours.

Dispatches from the fringes of car culture, spotlighting the enthusiasts, engineers, designers and tinkerers who are drawn together over shared obsessions.

An in-depth look at the gadgets, apps and advancements designed to enhance your driving experience.

No parallel-parking tests here. BBC Autos visits the world's greatest driving programmes to hone, or acquire, behind-the-wheel skills.

Delving into the backstory of a car or feature – an exploration of the events and decisions that influenced the development process.

Quick drives of production vehicles that have received a nip, tuck or total powertrain transplant.

Illuminating cultural, technical and other differences in autos from one country to the next.

Real people on real roads drive new cars that may, or may not, fit their lifestyle.

Highlighting exceptional opportunities to hire classic cars in uniquely appropriate destinations.

The newest cars are put through their paces. Incisive critiques include pricing, performance and efficiency information.

Laying bare the nuts and bolts that keep motorsport running around the world.

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