He has been honoured at the 2013 Geneva motor show with a sporting concept that could very well reach low-volume production.

The Sergio is based on the celebrated Ferrari 458 Spider, as is evident from a cursory glance at the familiar interior. The car not only has no roof, it has no windshield. Pininfarina representatives assured the throngs on 5 March, the first day of press previews in Geneva, that the aerodynamics have been configured to create a “virtual windscreen”. At speed, air is directed over the heads of passengers rather than into their faces.

For all that, occupants would likely be grateful for the two helmets supplied.

The Sergio wears classic two-seat barchetta lines, but the effect is radical rather than retro. From some angles it appears as if the front is the back – an effect abetted by the lack of a windshield, as well as a swooping integrated rear wing. The Sergio is quick, too: Pininfarina says it would not quite do 200mph, but would run from zero to 62mph in less than 3.4 seconds, thanks to the 4.5-litre V8 engine combining with a meagre 1280kg kerb weight.

Production intent has not been confirmed, though Pininfarina admits the car’s in-production mechanicals would make building a limited run relatively painless.