The British subsidiary of BMW Group has produced a trio of cars perfect for your next glamping expedition. The concepts are based on three models in the Mini portfolio: the Countryman, Clubman and Clubvan.

Already a bare-bones affair, the Clubvan, Mini’s commercially oriented panel wagon that, incidentally, BMW discontinued last week for lack of sales, is kitted out with an extending kitchenette and a hand-held shower nozzle. It also contains a sleeping berth for one, meaning a passenger would have to wrangle accommodation elsewhere.

No such compromises with the Countryman All4 Camp, which contains a screened, pop-up sleeper mounted on its roof, with a collapsible ladder for ease of access. And the Cowley, based on Mini’s extended-cab Clubman model, features a teardrop-shaped trailer lined with blonde wood and a bed built for two, with all the modern camper conveniences: gas stove, water tank and sink, mini-fridge and television.

Mini is no stranger to stretching the utility of its cars – and the credulity of its fans – with one-off concepts such as these. It brought a surfer-camper Clubman concept to the Milan furniture fair in 2009, complete with customised Airstream trailer.