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The week in pictures

  • Jaguar UK gets the big cat

    Originally intended for the North American market, the Jaguar XKR-S GT will be offered to buyers in the UK, reports. Just 10 of the 550-horsepower coupes, which were initially limited to a run of 30 cars, are earmarked for Britain. The track-oriented XKR-S GT features the first application of ceramic brakes on a Jaguar, and commands a price of $174,000 in the US and £135,000 in the UK. (Photo: Jaguar/Land Rover)

  • BMW i3 makes global debut

    After two years of teasing thinly veiled concept cars, BMW introduced its first fully electric production car at simultaneous press events in London, New York and Beijing on 29 July. The i3, priced from $42,275 in the US, generates the equivalent of 170 horsepower and should travel 81 to 99 miles on a single charge of its battery pack, BMW claims. A two-cylinder gasoline engine is available as an option to replenish the battery’s power on the go, which doubles the car’s range. (Photo: BMW Group)

  • Drive-ins feel a film pinch

    Already a vanishing species, American drive-in movie theatres are facing extinction for a long-looming but suddenly immediate threat: the disappearance of 35mm film. The Washington Post reports that the conversion to digital projection technology, a costly process that can run up to $200,000, could be the final nail in the coffin, especially for seasonal operations located on the US east coast. (Photo: Ed Freeman/Getty Images)

  • Alonso rebuked by Ferrari

    Two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso was publicly excoriated by Ferrari, his racing team, for comments made after the Spaniard placed fifth at the Hungarian Grand Prix on 28 July. Alonso, who celebrated his birthday on 29 July, was asked by Italian media what he might want as a gift, to which Alonso replied, “Someone else’s car.” Though Ferrari did not specify whether it took umbrage with this particular comment, chief BBC Formula 1 writer Andrew Benson reported that Luca Di Montezemolo, the Ferrari chairman, “tweaked” the ear of Alonso in a phone call. (Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

  • A Porsche party for the record books

    In conjunction with 50th anniversary festivities around the 911 sports car, Porsche owners’ clubs in the UK organised a record-breaking congregation of 911s at the Silverstone circuit on 28 July. Though organisers hoped for a symmetrical 911 cars to turn out, interest was such that 1,208 cars participated in the meet, which culminated in a parade around the track. (Photo: Porsche Cars, via Newspress)