As part of an installation called In Reverse, artist and industrial designer Ron Arad has made dramatic wall hangings of six flattened Fiats. Arad, who also designed the museum’s astonishing building, located Tel Aviv, has been working with metal for three decades, and these crushed cars are part of a recent project in which he explores, “through physical experiments and digital simulations, the way in which automobile bodies, specifically the Fiat 500, behave under compression.”

Arad reshaped the 500s “to resemble the outcome of an accident in a cartoon or a child's drawing that lacks a sense of depth.” As an ironic centrepiece to the display, Arad features the vintage 500’s original wooden panel-shaping buck, on loan from the Fiat Archive and Museum. And in a nearby room, visitors can study a digital simulation of Arad’s crushing process, using the contemporary iteration of the 500. 

In Reverse runs through 19 October at the Design Museum Holon, Israel.