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Little, yellow, different: The electrified Porsche 914

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Editor of BBC Autos, Matthew is a former editor at Automobile Magazine and the creator of the digital-only Roadtrip Magazine. His automotive and travel writing has appeared in such magazines as Wired, Popular Science, The Robb Report and Caribbean Travel + Life. He lives in Los Angeles with his wonderful wife and four-year-old daughter.


1974 Porsche 914 electric vehicle

Owner: Mark Brems (Photos: Matthew Phenix)

The mid-engined, targa-topped 914 is a car that sits atop the wish lists of very few Porschephiles, if any at all. The 914 pictured here, however, could change that.

Spotted in Los Angeles on 31 August: an electrified 914 sipping some juice at a public charging station. The car started life as a 1974 Porsche 914 1.8 – complete with a Volkswagen-sourced 85hp flat-four engine. Owner Mark Brems, who purchased his prize on eBay for $1,250 and performed the $18,000 EV conversion himself, claims that the modified car, although 266lbs heavier than stock, maintains the nimble original's 46%/54% weight distribution.

On a full charge, Brems’ “P914-EV” is good for a cruising range of 70-80 miles. Top speed is a proven 96mph, though Brems notes it still has more to deliver – “But I have not found the perfect stretch of highway to test it out yet.” The interior is vintage Porsche – black and businesslike – with one very 21st-century upgrade: a touch-screen interface, complete with infotainment and vehicle diagnostics systems, running on an Android tablet. 

Read more about Brems’ creation of his battery-powered 914 here.

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