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Impeccable timing, from Nissan

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Deputy editor of BBC Autos, Jonathan was formerly the editor of The New York Times' Wheels blog. His automotive writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times Magazine, Details, Surface, Intersection and Design Observer. He has an affinity for the Citroën DS and Toyota pickup trucks of the early 1990s.


Well, how’s this for timing?

On the eve of the 2013 Frankfurt motor show, Nissan released a brief teaser video and photo stills of what may be the most compelling new product headed to the German financial capital.

The Nismo Watch Concept draws its name from Nissan’s in-house tuning division, which recently applied its greasy gloves to the Juke crossover and has been tasked with creating an even more carnivorous version of the GT-R supercar. Yes, the watch is a brazen stab at brand extension, but unlike $200 polo shirts and crystal paper weights, it is an accessory that could feel borderline-indispensable for diehard fans of the Nismo badge.

Nissan claims that the watch interfaces with a Nismo vehicle’s instrumentation to tabulate average speed and fuel economy of the wearer’s car; relay on-track parameters like lateral g-forces; and record biometric information such as the wearer’s heart rate, body temperature and level of hydration. The proposed packaging repurposes used racecar tire rubber.

If this all seems rather ambitious for a wristwatch, remember that it comes from a company that has moulded elite endurance racers from video-gamers. That said, Nissan has not indicated whether the Nismo Watch Concept will spawn a production model. For that, only time will tell.