Selling a car that commands $2.5m and produces a top speed in excess of 250mph – and establishing a rapport with the prospective buyer of a such a machine – requires decidedly more than a wink and a smile.

As such, French supercar maker Bugatti unveiled its new Dynamic Drive Experience, a rarefied test drive for “ultra-high net worth” automotive aficionados in the US and Canada.

Participants (who are selected to partake in the program, free of charge, based on their propensity for dropping enormous sums on exotic supercars) enjoy a day behind the wheel of Bugatti’s 1,200-horsepower Veyron roadster, the Grand Sport Vitesse. Chaperoned by Bugatti “test pilots”, drivers sample the car on public roadways as well as closed straights and even an airport runway or two.

Naturally, the experience is sweetened with five-star accommodations and fine dining, as well as quality time with the “Flying Doctors”, Bugatti’s on-call concierge-mechanics, who will regale the group with tales of the Veyron ownership experience.

The first Dynamic Drive Experience is set for late November in Las Vegas, Nevada. Beyond this, the Volkswagen-owned French automaker has planned a slate of four annual events in the US and Canada – “in cities that are conducive to great driving roads and stretches of highway or runways that allow high-speed driving”. The next is scheduled for early 2014, at an undisclosed location in the southwestern US.