Ken Okuyama – formerly the design lead at Ferrari’s coachbuilder of choice, Pininfarina, where he designed the 220mph Enzo – exhibited the beautifully nostalgic Kode 9 in Tokyo, a low-slung sports racer that could easily have contended with Speed Racer's Mach V.

But this is a real car, in the metal, and not a figment of a cartoonist's imagination. It remains a styling study, however, not a production car, so technical specs are mere proposals.

The studio intends the Kode 9 to be fitted with a four-cylinder engine of between 1.6 and 2.4 litres of displacement, with forced induction as an option for more power. The transmission, at least, is specified as a proper 6-speed manual gearbox.

Since his departure from Pininfarina, Okuyama has branched out into other areas of industrial and product design, creating an eponymous line of eyewear as well as designing retail spaces. And in a twist on Lamborghini's tractors-to-sports cars evolution, Okuyama also displayed a radically styled tractor in his Tokyo booth, with the goal of diversifying the firm's base to include agricultural clients. No definitive word on engine displacement there, either.