Whether they arrived chewed, chipped or chopped, toy cars were welcomed into the body shops of Audi this past holiday season.

Coming to our attention via the advertising trend site Contagious.com, Audi Toy Service was a promotion that ran from 19-23 December in Spain among Audi’s dealerships, whereby toy cars, regardless of type or brand, could be brought in and repaired, free of charge.

Owners pre-registered on a microsite to bring their toys into one of several Audi dealerships around Spain, where toy-repair experts would match paint, replace missing wheels, add custom decals, repair and grease slot-car parts, fix broken steering racks and blast every millimetre of accumulated dust.

No word, alas, on whether Audi España will show off its completed works.

To view a promo video of the programme (Spanish only), click here.