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Week in pictures: Hamburg’s car-less ambitions

  • Hamburg works towards car-less future

    The German city has stated its intention to ban vehicular traffic in its centre by 2034 as part of a broad initiative to make the city more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly. Under the plan, called the Green Network, 40% of the city will be given over to greenways and park land. The plan is modelled partially on one in progress in Copenhagen, Denmark, where lengthy bicycle paths are being built to connect surrounding communities with the city. Major cities from Colombia to Thailand have experimented in recent years with clearing vehicles from their streets on designated days, but none has stated outright the intention to entirely ban vehicles. (Photo: Westend61/Getty; Arnt Haug/Getty)

  • His Holiness auctions his Harley

    Presented by Harley-Davidson with a Dyna Super Glide in June 2013, Pope Francis has decided to auction the cruiser to benefit a Vatican charity. Bonhams will present the bike on 6 February at the Grand Palais in Paris, with a pre-auction estimate ranging from $12,000 to $15,000. Proceeds from the sale will benefit a Vatican-administered hostel and soup kitchen at Rome’s Termini rail station. (Photo: L’Osservatore Romano)

  • Mary Barra greets her public in Detroit

    The first woman chief executive of a major automaker, Mary Barra officially started her tenure on 15 January at General Motors (GM). As BBC News reported, cameras and microphones stalked Barra’s every movement at the 2014 Detroit auto show, where press previews concluded on 14 January. Barra, 52, has worked at GM for more than three decades. Her appointment in December 2013 was also momentous for breaking a tradition of CEOs recruited from the conglomerate’s financial side. Barra’s background is largely in product development, an asset for GM as it works to improve build quality, analysts claim. (Photo: Bill Pugliano/Getty)

  • Caterham posts record exports in 2013

    Even niche carmakers have something to crow about after 2013, an exceptionally robust year industry-wide for sales. Caterham Cars, the UK-based manufacturer of open-wheel, open-air sports cars, announced a record year for exports, with sales abroad up 25% over their levels in 2012. Interest in the company’s two-seat Seven model was goosed after a low-cost version, the Seven 160, was announced in October. The leading export market was France, followed closely by Japan. (Photo: Caterham Cars)

  • Embattled Formula 1 boss steps down

    As our BBC Sport colleagues reported, Bernie Ecclestone, the long-reigning supremo of Formula 1, has stepped down from the company board that administrates the open-wheel race series. Ecclestone, 83, is awaiting trial on bribery charges, stemming from a payment he admitted to making to a German banker, intended to ensure F1 was sold to a private equity firm preferred by Ecclestone. That banker, Gerhard Gribkowsky, is serving a jail term for accepting the payment. (Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty)