2015 Nissan GT-R (Credit: Nissan USA)

Nissan GT-R: How did Godzilla’s price eclipse $100,000?

Since 2009, the all-wheel-drive bruiser’s price has swelled in step with the car’s legend. We dissect the changes made through the latest GT-R model year.

In just five short years, Nissan’s twin-turbocharged monster from Tochigi has turned from a bargain bruiser into a hustler, far outpacing inflation on its way to a price tag almost 30% higher in the US than where it started in 2009.

Why has Nissan taken the GT-R from 2009’s $70,850 to 2015’s starting point of $103,365? As the old adage goes, “because they can.” But the GT-R remains a relative bargain, given its supercar-slaying capabilities, and Nissan has subjected its halo car to numerous upgrades throughout its run.

Above is an inventory, in no way conclusive, of the improvements brought to bear on the car known as Godzilla.