To herald the arrival of the new Yeti Outdoor, an off-road-ready version of its popular compact sport-utility vehicle, Skoda brought the mini-SUV to London’s Covent Garden last week – and enclosed it in blocks ice.

The eye-catching stunt is more than a modern-art installation, however. The Czech Republic-based Volkswagen subsidiary gave passersby the opportunity to win a Yeti by guessing the combined weight of the Covent Garden car – a 3,230lb Yeti Outdoor Elegance 2.0 TDI CR 170PS 4x4 – and the ice that surrounds it.

The automaker also used the ice-encased Yeti to illustrate the somewhat grim results of a happiness survey it conducted among 2,000 British adults. The questionnaire offered a glimpse into Brits’ overall restlessness, with about a third of respondents admitting that they dream of escaping their current life at least once a week, and another 51% confessed to feeling this way at least once a month.

Said Skoda UK communications manager Sarah Chapman, “These results confirm that deep down, a large number of us are dreaming of fulfilling our sense of adventure. Everyone has days where they get fed up with the monotony of the day-to-day, thinking of nothing else but the weekend when you can let your hair down and do what you want to do rather than what you have to do.”

It is not Skoda’s first unorthodox publicity grab on British soil. In 2013, it sent a monster-truck ice cream van on a tour of summer hotspots to drum up awareness of a sport sedan.

Ice, ice cream – are we sensing a trend here?