That was my takeaway as Mark Cox, lead instructor at the Bridgestone Winter Driving School, deftly whipped a Lexus RX 330 back into conversation with the road after a protracted slide.

“Road” may be too generous a term for a snow-covered alfalfa field in the Colorado Rockies, onto which 250,000 gallons of water had been pumped, frozen and covered with yet more snow. Whatever one might care to call it, it makes for a memorable classroom environment.

Lessons, which are priced from $280 for the 2014 season, arm motorists with proper technique for navigating snowy and icy road surfaces, as well as corrective tricks for when the wheels lose traction. Along the way, Cox and his fellow instructors debunk a few myths – for one, that driving cautiously means driving like a nonagenarian.

At the end of an afternoon, a driver may still be awed by these instructors’ skills, but confident that such skills are indeed transferrable.

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(Cover photo: Lior Mizrahi/Getty)