This feat of engineering earned the company a Guinness World Record, but not for the fastest production car (Bugatti still has that one). The GT is officially the fastest roadgoing, four-wheeled production thing to hit 300kph (186mph).

Time to celebrate, then. Which Hennessey has by building a triplet of "World's Fastest Edition" Venom GTs. Each costs $1.25 million, and gets special red, white and blue stripes. No power upgrades though - not that you'll need any, because it's still packing the same 7-liter, twin-turbo V8, which churns out 1244hp and kicks the GT to 300kph in a record-breaking 13.63 seconds.

Hennessy CEO, Don Goldman, says "We're thrilled about what we achieved at Cape Canaveral with the Venom GT," said Hennessy CEO Don Goldman, "and now the World's Fastest Edition is a living, breathing celebration of that record achievement."

Want one? Too bad. All three of the World's Fastest Editions are so fast they've already sold out...