Here is Mercedes’ SUV concept

When we first saw Mercedes-Benz's Concept Coupé SUV, we had no context, nor data, about its size. We surmised it was probably a smaller, A-Class based offering. It isn't – which was made abundantly clear at its Auto China 2014 debut in Beijing.

The big Merc is indeed a Big Merc: it measures nearly five metres in length and stands 1.75m tall, dimensions that put it on par with the BMW X6, though it's a touch wider even than that monster Bimmer.

It's just a study into how a potential four-door, four-wheel-drive SUV/Coupe Thing could look, using design elements familiar to other Benz coupes in the range.

Such as the rear end, designed with the new S-Class Coupé in mind – that slim band of lights and rear window with a rounded top. There are frameless side windows and recessed door handles. There are massive 22in wheels. The front, meanwhile, features LED headlights, “soft cubes” in the grille insert and a forward-sloping bonnet with Merc's “power dome”.

That's a signal to the 333bhp, twin-turbo V6 fitted underneath it, the same twin-turbo V6 Mercedes has just announced for the SL400 (that replaces the SL350). Its 354lb-ft has to propel... some amount of mass (we're not told how much it weighs), but is nevertheless channeled through a NINE-SPEED auto ‘box and permanent four-wheel-drive.

It also gets the new S-Class Coupé’s active curve system, active air suspension and ceramic brakes, too, to further drill home the point that this car will be a schporty SUV Coupe.

"With its superior sportiness it conveys a sense of modern luxury and aesthetic aspirations of sensual clarity," says Mercedes design chief Gorden Wagener. It's even painted in a hue inspired by the classic Silver Arrows colour used for the 1930s and 1950s.

But is it a step too far for Merc, or is this the Benz consumers have been crying out for?

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