Henrik Fisker rides again

Car designer Henrik Fisker — last seen decamping from his namesake Fisker Automotive a year ago —is making news again, this time out of his native Denmark, and on half his usual number of wheels.

Lauge Jensen, the Danish maker of hand-built motorcycles, unveiled the Fisker-designed Viking Concept at the Top Marques show in Monaco on 17 April. It’s a sleek cruiser with one sweeping curve from tank to tail. Its 1.8-litre V-twin engine, made by US-based S&S Cycle, can take the bike up to 130 mph on its 100 horses, but has been fine-tuned to meet the new stricter Euro IV emissions regulations. It is, bluntly, a Harley for Hamburg, the sort of trick the globe-trotting Fisker seems ideally suited to pull off. 

Over the last couple of years, Fisker’s life has been anything but a joy ride. The designer — whose deft hand famously sculpted the BMW Z8, Aston Martin’s DB9 and V8 Vantage, and the sadly short-lived Artega GT — should now be seeing ramped-up production of his luxury hybrid sedan, the Karma. Alas, Fisker Automotive declared bankruptcy in November 2013 after its founder’s reportedly fiery resignation in March, and its assets went to the auction block.

If there is enough interest in the Viking from potential buyers, Lauge Jensen plans to make the bike its first mass-produced model, with a price tag significantly below the $60,000 base price of its hand-built Great Dane. That might put the Viking on the market about the same time as the reborn Fisker Karma — to be produced in Delaware by new owner, the Wanxiang Group Corp of China. The company is calling that division “The New Fisker”. Perhaps they didn’t get the memo from Monaco.