Though we never quite understood the standard Mini Paceman, we can certainly understand this: it's the one-off Mini Paceman “Adventure”, and it's a pickup.

Why has this Thing occurred? BMW apprentices at Munich and Dingolfing worked in collaboration with their instructors to build a “creative vision” for the Mini brand.

So, they took a standard Mini Cooper S Paceman as their base car and chopped off that ungainly rear end – as well as stripped out the rear bench – to create a cargo area. On top there's a solid roof rack that can store a spare wheel. Or maybe a gun turret, if you're equipping it for the impending apocalypse.

The engineers modified the chassis to give it greater ground clearance front and rear, while underneath sits Mini's ALL4 four-wheel-drive system, coupled to a turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine producing 184bhp. The standard car will go from zero to 62mph in 7.8 seconds and hit a top speed of 132mph. You do the math for this pickup.

"The Mini Paceman Adventure would be suitable for driving on gravel roads, through muddy tracks or on desert trails," Mini tells us. There's even a "snorkel-like" roof-level air intake that, says Mini, would make it ideal for crossing a river.

Elsewhere, you'll find some additional lights on the roof rack, special off-road tires and “Jungle Green” metallic paintwork. "There are no plans for series production," Mini says, which is unfortunate. Because when zombies begin their attack on humankind, this could become a handy little thing...

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