There's something wickedly addictive about onboard racing videos. From Seb Loeb's record-breaking Pikes Peak run, to Patrick Long blitzing around Texas' Circuit Of The Americas in a Porsche 918, peering over the shoulders of bona fide helmsmiths as they take cars to the absolute limit is what the internet was made for.

But now, thanks to a new video from Subaru, there may be a new contender for The Best Onboard Ever. 

What you see above is the full director's cut version of Mark Higgins' record run around the Isle of Man. Not content with just giving us the jaw-dropping footage, Subaru managed to source Mark's USB slot and download his heart rate, skin temperature and the g-forces his organs endured as he threw his US-spec WRX STI round the 37.3-mile course in 19m 15s. That's an average speed of 117.5mph. That's ridiculous. 

The Manx native was at full-throttle for 80 per cent of the time as he skittered across the narrow public roads, through villages and over kerbs at 160mph.  

So if there's one thing you do today, we strongly advise that you take 20 minutes out, put in your headphones and have your eyes widened at the sheer commitment of Higgins as he talks you through his incredibly ballsy lap. 

Mr Higgins, we salute you. From a safe distance. 

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