The $200 Batmobile: Some assembly required

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the debut of one of its biggest names, DC Comics declared 23 July to be “Batman Day” – and a certain Danish brickmaker was at the ready.

Meet Lego’s latest, and most menacing, take on the Tumbler, the Caped Crusader’s ride from director Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy of films.

The set, which follows Lego’s adorable 1,077-piece Mini Cooper MkVII, boasts a daunting 1,869 pieces – most of them black, of course. It includes a highly detailed cockpit, armoured body with moveable top wings and outsize rubber-tread rear wheels. The finished product measures 5in high, 9in wide and 15in long.

And because a Batmobile without Batman is like Batman without the Joker, the set includes mini-figurines of the superhero and his supervillain counterpart.

Like the Mini Cooper, the Tumbler is recommended for "children" ages 16 and up. And like all Lego sets of this calibre, the Tumbler will require free time and discretionary funds in equal measure. The set is priced at $199.99 in the US, $229.99 in Canada and £159.99 in the UK.

Check out Lego's video tour of the car below.

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