(Chrysler Group) (Credit: Chrysler Group)

Infographic: The true price of Dodge's SRT Hellcat

It generates 707 horsepower, tops out at 199mph and on price, undercuts some frightfully powerful competition.

With its supercharged 707-horsepower V8 engine, tire-smoking torque and retrofuturist styling, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is an unambiguous, unabashed throwback. But it distinguishes itself from its nostalgia-tinged peers – saying nothing of high-horsepower European sports cars – on its value case.

At $59,995 before delivery charge, the Hellcat is an exceptional performance bargain, delivering its 707 ponies at a cost of $85 apiece. By contrast, Lamborghini’s 700hp Aventador commands $575 per horsepower. A Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, meanwhile, exacts a $2,022 premium per purebred.

Granted, consumers do not cross-shop bawdy Detroit muscle against bespoke European land-missiles, yet  some true-to-life comparisons underline just how stellar a value Chrysler’s fire-breathing feline is –  and the financial chasms that must be bridged to otherwise touch its tremendous output.

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