The Italian design house, responsible for such knee-knocking icons as the Ferrari 308, Alfa Romeo Spider and Cisitalia 202 (a car found in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art) has created a semi-autonomous flying drone called the Sky Rider.

Fundamentally, the Sky Rider is a four-blade quadcopter, though Pininfarina elevates it beyond the Erector Set aesthetic of most remote-control helicopters patrolling your local park, with a sleek, aerodynamic form in black and a familiar red. The drone has an integrated GPS, gyroscope and video camera, in a package about 14in square and under 3.5lbs. According to reports by ANSA, the Italian wire service, the Sky Rider can be flown manually via remote or on automatic, and can achieve a maximum speed of 45mph when moving horizontally and 11mph moving skyward.

The drone is produced in partnership with DeAgostini Publishing, a magazine company with a strong reach into the hobbyist market, and a not-insubstantial side business producing scale models. Indeed, this Pininfarina is actually a do-it-yourself affair.

Pricing will be disclosed closer to the Sky Rider’s on-sale date later this year.

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