Starck’s MASS collection (that’s Mud, Asphalt, Sand and Snow), broke cover on 27 August at Germany’s Eurobike 2014 bicycle trade fair. Along with the bikes, the collection includes a range of complementary gear — colour-coordinated helmets, gloves, glasses and backpacks.

The stylish two-wheelers, created in collaboration with French cycle-maker Moustache Bikes, include electric-motor assist systems and a laundry list of high-end components, and each incorporates features intended to help the rider conquer its respective namesake environment. Said Starck: "I wanted the bike to be able to go over all kinds of terrains and especially infinite and poetic territories."

The gray-framed Mud model features a dual-suspension frame, a low-range gearset, beefy Shimano XTR off-road brakes and a Bosch electric-drive system.

Available in 25- and 45kph versions, the urban-minded Asphalt bike employs a road-biased shifting system and smooth Schwalbe Crazy Bob street tires.

The Sand bike features oversized tires to keep the bike aloft over soft surfaces, and a pocketed cover to shield its electronic bits from the environment.

The most dramatic of the bunch, the Snow bike wears a mono-arm front fork that won't clog with ice, fat tires, and a synthetic-fur frame cozy that protects the battery and electronics from sub-zero temperatures.

Details on pricing and availabilty were not released.

Eurobike 2014 continues through 30 August in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

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