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In London, a supercar send-off to summer

  • Fast times

    Summer is nearly in the rear-view. Time, then, for a last-gasp holiday. Have you got everything packed? Swimwear? Sun cream? Gold-plated Ferrari?

    Though most motorists would leave the car at home, an ever-expanding group of wealthy travellers, primarily from the Middle East, are making excursions to central London with supercars in tow.

    The phenomenon has become an annual pastime, drawing enthusiasts into the congestion-charge zone to see and snap the exotic and unusual, which parade through the British capital like models on a catwalk.

    With ready assistance from prominent UK car bloggers, BBC Autos surveys the garish and the gorgeous giving the streets of London one last summertime salute. (Photo: Freddy Atkins)

  • The bling thing

    Top-spec Range Rover Mystere by Hamann in gold. (Photo: Joao Faustino)

  • Shining up nicely

    Idling outside a luxury hotel in London, three exotic fruits ripe for the picking (if you’re a magpie, that is). (Photo: Neil Gordhan NGP 2014 @Flickr)

  • Precious metal

    With a seven-figure price tag, a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is already virtually worth its weight in gold. This one takes the analogy rather literally. (Photo: Freddy Atkins)

  • Web of wonder

    A Ferrari 458 Spider parked in central London wears a bespoke weave. (Photo: Neil Gordhan NGP 2014 @Flickr)

  • A rarified queue

    Pagani Huayra, Lamborghini Aventador and a humble BMW 7 Series sedan. (Photo: Freddy Atkins)

  • Bigger always better?

    A Mercedes-Benz G63 6x6 AMG has been frequently spotted cruising across the capital. (Photo: Freddy Atkins)

  • Midas goes shopping

    A gold-wrapped Ferrari 458 Spider outside Harrods. (Photo: Tim via Shmee150/Facebook)

  • Yellow jacket

    One of the world’s least popular car colours on one of the world’s most desired cars, the Lamborghini Aventador. (Photo: Freddy Atkins)

  • The price is right

    One of the most expensive cars on the planet, the Koenigsegg Agera R, worth approximately $2m. (Photo: Courtesy Aqib Chaudry)

  • Child’s play

    For a bit of supercar bling minus the wallet sting, a custom Atom V8 Roadster could be yours in gold for £29,999 (roughly $50,000) from Selfridges department store in London. Only catch? It is for your child – not you. (Photo: Emily Wren)

    Looking for more London supercars? Click here for BBC News’ special video report.