Among the furs and jewels littering the most recent Neiman Marcus Christmas Book – the annual gift guide from the luxury US retailer – is perhaps the ultimate gift for the gearhead who refuses to grow up.

The bauble in question is a custom slot-car track from Slot Mods USA, a specialist that has designed tracks for the likes of Jay Leno and Indianapolis 500 winner Bobby Rahal. This is no play set, however. For the quoted $300,000, Slot Mods USA will build a perfect 1:32 replica of any race course, from Daytona to Monte Carlo. And the selection is not limited to just contemporary circuits. Tracks of yesteryear can be recreated, complete with period signage and cars. The build also includes pit crews, buildings, foliage, grandstands and aluminium Armco railings.

Befitting its price tag, the custom track includes the kind of electronics typically reserved for the real thing. As captured in the video above, in-car cameras relay real-time feeds to mini screens located around the track. Another electronic option provided by Slot Mods USA is a night racing feature, where cars' headlights and trackside lamps illuminate banked turns, replicating the feel of 24-hour endurance races.

The uniqueness of the gift, however, extends beyond the course. Included is an inaugural race party co-hosted by former Formula 1 drivers Vic Elford and David Hobbs. Also on offer – though not bundled with Elford and Hobbs – is a “white glove” installation service that brings Slot Mods technicians to your door to aid with set-up.

One additional cost that is not so optional: shipping.

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