McLaren Automotive whetted the appetites of the faithful on 18 December by dropping an action shot of its new entry-level model, camouflaged but recognisable as the Porsche 911 Turbo-killer it aims to be.

The car, which is known internally as the P13 but will be called the Sports Series when it reaches production, will make use of a slightly detuned version of the 3.8-litre V8 engine from the 650S, expected to produce about 500 horsepower. The structure is a variation on its bigger brother's carbon fibre monocoque, revised to give make the car a bit more useful as a daily driver (think improved access and augmented interior and luggage space). Fortunately, the Sports Series will feature upward-opening swan doors, to match the mighty P1.

McLaren plans to reveal the finished car during the second quarter of 2015. Geneva? New York?

Meantime, the Woking-based sports car maker has kicked off a social-media campaign called Black Swan Moments (search #BlackSwanMoments on Twitter for the latest). The title, explained in the video below, describes McLaren’s role – dating to the debut of the M6GT road car of 1969 – as a defier of the status quo, likening the company to the elusive black swan, "a symbol of a moment that challenges beliefs and turns thinking upside-down."

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