It Is the end of world, or nearly there, and you've got a few good friends, a satchel filled with the essentials and an army of zombies staring at you like you were Michelin-starred filet mignon.

Fleeing on foot is too slow, too dangerous and a massive waste of precious energy. Good thing you've nearly any vehicle at your disposal.

But which do you pick?

More than a few members of – the online question and answer community – asked themselves the same thing, and created a diverse list of potential escape pods. Some opted for brute off-road capabilities, others for optimal energy efficiency and a few went truly off the grid.

BBC Autos compiled the most inspired suggestions across several threads, weaving together a dream garage for outrunning a zombie apocalypse. You know, just in case.

Go big or go home

"If you find an armored vehicle, figure out how to operate it and run over as many zombies as you can," Quora user Nick Layon helpfully suggests. That seems simple enough.

But if you really want to do some damage, Matthew Reed Bailey suggests affixing loudspeakers to the outside of the armoured truck to lure the undead, then them lead them over a cliff. Arizona’s Grand Canyon seems a worthy ledge, he says." Go over the edge, taking the hoard of zombies mindlessly with [you]." (We're assuming that you, the driver, pulls an Indiana Jones and jumps out first.)

But armoured vehicles burn a lot of fuel, move slowly and are of limited use without solid asphalt under the tires. That's why a few Quora users opted for a reliable 4x4, even if they don't protect as well. "The windows would be the weakest point on the vehicle for an unarmed person,” Andrew Gutsch says. “Depending on the zombie theory you subscribe to, they might be more able to break a window because they don't feel pain, or less able because they are weaker."

Gutsch’s survival plan would involve avoiding population centres and preserving as much mobility as possible. "A midsize SUV with real four-wheel drive, perhaps a light lift and typical off-road armor like a bumper, skid plates and rockers, would be my choice," he adds.

And if two cars are better than one, legions would agree. "I think I'd drive a tractor trailer, with extra cars loaded up in case of a breakdown," Paul Banas writes. As for a commercial driver's license, it seems expendable when the walking dead are banging on the cab door.

Going the distance

For Ayush Sharma, travelling is about outpacing the zombies over the long haul, sustainably. He says that while electric cars are not numerous, and finding charge points could be a fraught process, he cites two key advantages. "They are very silent and so won't attract attention, plus you can generate electricity on the go by using solar panels to charge the batteries."

Of course, you'd have to convert the charging mechanism to accept solar-derived electricity rather than that fed from a power outlet, but as would be true for most things during a zombie apocalypse, necessity is the mother of invention.

Off the beaten path

For some Quora users, a road vehicle simply would not be a viable choice. "Get a bike. You could easily, and silently, outrun zombies on a bike, while consuming little energy," Chris Everett writes. "Bikes can also be easily carried over terrain that they can't be ridden on, can easily be repaired, and don't require fuel."

Some choices eschewed engines and motors altogether. "If I must absolutely move, I'd go for a horse, rather than a car. Horses are built for speed, have huge amounts of stamina and run on plants, which, as you know, are renewable and abound plenty, even in cities," Diego Noriega Mendoza writes.

Mendoza acknowledges that tying one’s fate to a majestic animal presents its own problems. For starters, horses can be noisy and nervous, and – given their relative scarcity – won't be easy to find in cities. As for your trusty steed becoming your worst nightmare? "The plausibility for the zombie virus being contagious to horses is debatable," he adds.

If bicycles and horses don't appeal, perhaps getting off of terra firma altogether may be your best option. Max Steiner suggests an amphibious car to "elude zombies by fording rivers or boating across a lake.”

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