Aston Martin invokes the god of fire

In advance of a debut at the Geneva motor show on 3 March, Aston Martin has dropped images – and precious few technical details – about its track-only exercise in maximum velocity: the Vulcan.

Penned in-house by chief creative officer Marek Reichman, the Vulcan features a carbon fibre monocoque structure fabricated by Canada-based Multimatic, which previously crafted the composite chassis for Aston’s One-77 supercar. Beneath the skin, the Vulcan features a pushrod-actuated suspension with adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars, carbon ceramic racing brakes and driver-tunable anti-lock braking and traction control systems.

The car makes use of a 7-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine mounted well behind the front axle line. The engine produces something in excess of a scarcely believable 800 horsepower, delivered to the rear wheels through a race-specification six-speed sequential shift gearbox.

Production is limited to a very scant 24 units, and the Vulcan’s fortunate buyers will enjoy the royal treatment from the crew in Gaydon, starting with a series of intensive driver-training programmes on a roster of famous circuits. The programme will be led by Aston’s resident Le Mans-winner, Darren Turner, and will allow Vulcan owners to work their way up from the V12 Vantage S and One-77 road cars and the Vantage GT4 racer before slipping behind the wheel of their new Vulcan. Not a bad training regimen.

Aston promises to share full technical details – including performance data – closer to the Vulcan’s track debut later this year.

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