Christopher Bridges, aka Ludacris, is famous for many things: being among the first successful hip-hop artists from the US southeast, starring in the highly successful The Fast and the Furious movie franchise, creating his own brand of cognac (Conjure) and sponsoring a not-for-profit foundation focused on youth education and leadership. He also happens to love cars.

In addition to brand new Bentleys, Ferraris, Rolls-Royces and Range Rovers, he has a special place in his collection for his favourite vintage ride: a 1993 Acura Legend sedan, which he has kept since he bought it. In fact, he’s such a fan of Acura that he was on hand to witness the unveiling of the brand’s new hybrid supercar, the 2016 NSX, at January’s Detroit auto show.

Once the car was unveiled and the scrum died down, Ludacris – or Luda to his fans – sat to answer a few questions about automotive innovation, car love and his latest fantasy car.

Brett Berk: So, this new NSX. Thoughts?

Ludacris: I love the way it looks. My immediate thoughts are that they really studied the competition. I see the influence of lots of supercars: a bit of the Audi R8, a bit of the Ferrari 458 Italia, even some of the new McLaren. Cars are like women. They’ve got to have curves. And this one has very nice curves.”

And what about your Legend?

I’ve got a 1993 Legend with over 230,000 miles on it. I bought it used in 1999 and I’m still driving it. It becomes a part of your life. A lot of times with men, we become one with our cars. So when it breaks down on you, you take care of it. You continue to treat it as if it’s a life partner. When you really love your car, that’s how you treat it, take care of it. You change the oil. You change the tires.”

Does that car love inform other areas of your career?

For a lot of men, a love of cars is a cultural thing. And I think that’s why the Fast and Furiousfranchise was so successful, because there’s so many car enthusiasts out there.

Is there any connective tissue between this new NSX and your ’93 Legend?

I think it’s years of innovation. Just [Acura] continuing to try to outdo themselves. A focus on engineering, on always making it better. Even on improving the aerodynamics, the way the air goes around the car so you have a smoother ride and better performance.

What was your first car? It wasn’t the Legend, was it?

My very first car was a Plymouth Reliant with a messed up wax job. Then I had a Honda. And then the Acura. The Acura was my third car.

Do you have a current fantasy car? Something you’d love to get in the future, something you’ve always wanted?

[Gestures at NSX] That right there! Come on, man. That’s my fantasy car. So hopefully, we’ll get it.

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