‘Elegant’ is the term the German tuner Mansory uses to describe this modified Bentley Conti GTC, though we suspect you might have your adjective in mind. Whatever that adjective might be, it is inadequate, because this Bentley sports 987bhp and therefore cares not for adjectives.

That’s right, this Bentley Convertible has Bugatti Veyron levels of power. For this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Mansory wasn’t satisfied with boosting up a Huracán to 1250bhp, and so worked up a little treat for the W12-engined GTC on the side.

It’s the GTC ‘Speed’ version of the W12 – which means 626bhp as ‘standard’ – and gets new pistons and piston rods, new cams, new turbos, a better intercooler, air filter and ‘high-power’ exhaust system, and a fresh ECU.

As such, power jumps up to 987bhp at 6,000rpm, and torque rises to 885lb ft at just 2,000rpm. This is a set of big numbers. The more striking figure is the 0-62mph time, which drops from the standard GTC Speed’s 4.4s, to just 3.9s. Half a second quicker, then.

It’ll top out at 205mph, and features, along with the Bentley’s standard four-wheel drive system, wider, fatter alloys and a 30mm drop thanks to sports suspension. You will also not be able to miss the carbon fibre elements around the face, bonnet, side skirts and rear, along with a little rear wing. Downforce is mentioned. Taste is not.

Ditto the interior, which features lots of hand-crafted (orange) leather and much embroidery.

Do you like this Extra-Speed GTC Speed with orange paint and orange leather and a 0-62mph time of 3.9 seconds and a 205mph top speed? We suspect a small number of you just might…

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