As a style maven, the humble farm tractor would seem ill-suited, more comfortable in sackcloth than satin – and hardly fertile ground for an eye-popping extreme makeover.

Until, that is, Pininfarina designers get their hands on a Zetor tractor and turn the proverbial pumpkin into a sleek-as-a-seal concept workhorse suitable for agricultural royalty. Unveiled at the Agritechnica trade show this week in Hannover, Germany, the Zetor by Pininfarina tractor offers styling that’s sensual yet muscular – slick Formula One looks meshed with Transformers-like brute strength.

Tractors may seem like an odd market for the legendary Italian design house that created some of Ferrari’s most iconic designs; it’s akin to Apple opting to redesign toasters. But it turns out that farmers covet slick-looking vehicles, too, notes Margareta Vighova, Zetor’s director of corporate communications.

“Besides technical tractor specifications, our customers also emphasise ergonomics, comfort and design,” she says. “That is why we have introduced the new design direction ZETOR by Pininfarina.

“Pininfarina is one of the most respected design studios in the world,” she adds. “Our engagement with Pininfarina hints to our customers that apart from new products which meet their technical requirements, we are also focusing on an attractive, modern design for our tractors.”

“We are very proud of the first result of our collaboration,” says Fabio Filippini, chief creative officer at Pininfarina. “It is a tractor with brand new styling that expresses the strength and durability of Zetor machines in a way that also communicates emotion and passion.”

The introduction of the new design coincides with the Czech agricultural-machinery manufacturer’s 70th-anniversary celebration. While details are sparse, Zetor officials say the modular design will be incorporated into all of the company’s tractor models – racing suit and helmet optional.

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