Hollywood has an historic love affair with Italy. Whenever they can write it into a budget, they hop over to make a Ben-Hur or a Three Coins in the Fountain or a Zoolander 2 (or apparently, a Ben-Hur remake, this time with Morgan Freeman).

When it’s not possible, Los Angelinos do their best to live up to the La Dolce Vita ideals of their Mediterranean cousins, as the Venice-inspired Mr C Hotel in Beverly Hills demonstrates. There, owners Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani have baked a breezy lifestyle into its airy suites and alto cucina restaurant, and are driving that point home with an unusual room-and-car-rental package.

For 2016, your taste of Italy begins at the airport, where you’ll be greeted by your Italian livery — either the retro Fiat 500 1957 Edition or the Ferrari California T (the Cal-Italia admiration runs both ways). Room choices and rates echo the choice of steed, with the $361/night Fiat starting in a standard room, and the $1308/night Ferrari offering a full suite experience. Valet parking is, thoughtfully, included for both.

The Fiat may be the choice for shopping at nearby Rodeo Drive; though it will attract less attention from sales associates, it does have superior trunk space. But fantasies being what they are, we’ll opt for the Ferrari — dropping the top and donning some oversized sunglasses, and pretending rush hour on the 405 is a tour along the Amalfi coast.

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