When an automaker teases a new model two weeks before its actual unveiling, giving precious few technical details and a handful of pictures, it seems only fair that car writers be allowed to speculate wildly about its technical specification. This is the new Lexus LC 500h, which we know to be the petrol-electric hybrid version of the dramatic LC 500 coupe, darling of last month's Detroit show. While the LC 500 makes use of a 467-horsepower 5-litre V8 driving the rear wheels, the powertrain of the LC 500h is, for now, a mystery.

Lexus says the car features a "Multi Stage Hybrid System," which may or may not make use of superheated steam, magnetic levitation and a flux capacitor. Naturally, Lexus promises the new system will deliver "enhanced driving pleasure, more performance, and greater efficiency", a claim so audacious that we believe some form of alien technology may have been utilised to achieve it. Of course, the company has said nothing about the car's performance. As such, on absolutely no authority, we can report that the LC 500h will be able to drive from New York to London in less time than it takes to listen to Pink Floyd's 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond', and in doing so consume less energy than pocket calculator.

The truth will be revealed on 1 March, when the big silk sheet is pulled. Stay tuned.

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