One of the skills that modern children have lost, along with cursive penmanship and the use of a decoder ring, is the ability to produce convincing revving-engine and squealing-tyre noises with their mouths. New York-based Candylab Toys aims to change that last bit.

The upstart toymaker announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund a set of defiantly analogue wooden playthings designed to evoke the great American road trip of the 1950s and '60s. The series includes three unpowered cars: the musclebound Ace, the track-ready Black Jack and the canoe-topped Pioneer family truckster. Candylab has also created a pair of deliciously period-appropriate buildings: a drive-in movie theatre kiosk and an ever-so-slightly seedy roadside motel, complete with mid-century-mod flat roof, pastel-toned walls and tacky cactus-shaped neon sign.

Naturally, the road-trip series — Candylab's third Kickstarter-floated set — will blend perfectly with the dozen vehicles the toymaker already offers, a range that includes a police cruiser, a yellow taxicab, and a cheeky little caravan with a clever magnetic hitch. The cars are crafted from solid beechwood, with plastic rims, rubber tyres and water-based paint with a urethane clearcoat. At present, Candylab's lineup is created in Ningbo, China, but with the new series, the company has announced plans to open a small factory in the New York borough of Brooklyn — a shop that will get up to speed with guidance from Pete Bultman, president of Michigan-based Uncle Goose, a company that has made a name for itself among persnickety parents with its genuinely artful wooden toy blocks.

Follow Candylab's Kickstarter campaign here. And remember, kids: What happens at the Lone Cactus Motel stays at the Lone Cactus Motel.

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