Eco-friendly cars that swap petrol for plugs are becoming increasingly popular. According to the International Energy Agency, in 2015, the number of electric vehicles (EVs) in use across the globe reached over 1.26 million. And 13 million charging stations, which will accommodate that growing number of EVs, are projected to be in place by 2020.

There's still a long way to go — right now, only a handful of urban areas are building the necessary infrastructure to get citizens to buy EVs, or to sign up for an EV ride-sharing program.

But the growing figures show there's no shortage of interested consumers, and they're not just environmental crusaders. With a growing roster of electric vehicles aimed at mainstream buyers, carmakers are trying expand the appeal of electric mobility beyond the hardcore eco-enthusiast.

The holidays are here, but here are some last-minute ideas for the EV lover in your life, from the cousin who only commutes via e-bicycle, or your friend who refuses to sit behind a steering wheel to spew exhaust into the air.

Urb-E Electric Scooter

Throw this foldable electric scooter into the boot of your car for a petrol-free "last mile" solution, or for a greener way of navigating sidewalks on your way to work. After a four hour charge, take the 35-pound Urb-E up to 20 miles and hit 15 miles per hour — there's even an optional cupholder. $1,700 (£1,390)

ChargePoint Gift Card
ChargePoint is a California-based company that operates over 30,000 electric-vehicle charging stations in more than a dozen cities in North America. Use the company's mobile app to find a charging location near you and its availability. Give a pal a paid card and let them power up their EV quickly and, for them, for free.

Forza Motorsport 6 (Standard Edition)

It's nice to see high-octane racing video games embrace the EV revolution, and this latest in the Forza Motorsport series for Xbox One lets players collect and race over 450 Forzavista race cars... and that includes Formula E open-wheel electric racers like the 2015 Formula E #10 Trulli Spark SRT_01E (pictured above). According to the game, "drivers must strategically utilise the available charge in the race car, being careful to not overuse the power or entirely discharge the batteries." $50 (£40)

Electric car charging cables

This Surrey-based company, Cables for Charging, will supply charging cables for any EV user you know, whether they drive an electric BMW, Nissan, Mistubishi, or Audi. The site provides a guide for choosing which charging cable is best for your type of car, and they ship to anywhere in the UK or Europe. £120 to £140

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