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90-Second Financial Fix

Find hidden back-to-school savings on the web

About the author

Kelsey Hubbard is a freelance broadcast journalist based in Connecticut. She is a former host of ABC News’ Money Matters and was a longtime host and reporter for The Wall Street Journal’s daily video business news shows.

Editor's Note (13 Aug 2014): With back-to-school season upon us across the globe, we're bringing back this 90-Second Financial Fix.

With so many supplies on the back-to-school list, it’s easy to overspend.

That’s especially true if you fall into the trap of buying what kids want, rather than what they really need. In-demand electronics, for instance, now demand 20% of parents’ school shopping budgets.

There are deals to be had, though, and it’s possible to save big by using a few tricks to keep spending in check.

The keys: secret online promos and special in-store discounts. Here’s how to find them.