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How a CEO juggles the corner office — and nine children

Helena Morrissey started out in a lowly position as a fixed income fund manager at Newton Investment Management. Seven years later, she became the company’s chief executive.

As one of the few women leading a large financial firm, she’s also a mother of nine children who says she doesn’t try to hide who she is, or be everywhere at once.

“I’ve always realised that… work(ing) in a male dominated industry has at least as many advantages as disadvantages,” she told the BBC’s Steve Tappin. “I just am careful not to get carried away.”

How does she stay successful as a chief executive and make time for her nine children — aged 5 to 22?

“I have to ruthlessly prioritise, but I also, I have to… be very, very controlled with my time,” said Morrissey. But that’s just the start. To hear more about what drives her as a CEO and mother—and how she juggles it all—click on the video above.

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